Seems we had an encounter with the lake monster

When my buddies said they wanted to go fishing on a local lake, I was all for it.

I remember telling everybody that I heard stories about the lake monster that was in that lake.

I decided to bring my camera with me to record our experiences with fishing. I just told my buddies that we needed to rent a boat that actually had air conditioning. One thing is that I didn’t want my camera equipment to become too overheated because that can cause damage. Two, I didn’t want to be overheated without good climate control because then I knew I wouldn’t have such a wonderful time. The fishing with my buddies out there was actually very fun and we cracked jokes and had drinks. I was more focused on recording everything with my camera and I tied my fishing rod to the boat so that it wouldn’t go flying if I caught anything after casting. Well, I couldn’t believe it when my buddies were pointing out in the lake at something that seemed like a shark at first. I told everybody there was no way there were sharks in this freshwater lake and it wasn’t connected to the sea. I joked at first and said maybe it was the sea monster. I was recording and the thing suddenly came up and showed what seemed to be multiple humps, and a long tail. It came close to our boat and I filmed it and it caught my fishing line. It suddenly pulled us for a little ride until the line broke. After that I was reviewing the footage in the AC with my buddies and we all couldn’t believe what just happened and that I got it all on film!


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