Putting in dedication to learn more about HVAC

It’s funny because I always used to complain about the high prices of getting typical heating plus A/C service, my daughter used to ask why I didn’t just labor on the heating plus A/C component myself even though I explained that I was not a certified professional and that non-professionals working on the component would cause the warranty to be void… But from that time, our daughter said she was going to labor on the heating plus A/C for myself and others in the future! I had such a fine laugh when she said that, but she said she was serious.

Sure enough, she studied all about heating and cooling repairs as she was coming up, it became a real interest of hers.

She even tested aged portable furnaces and window A/C units the people I was with and I had in the garage. I was meaning to take those to the dump since I thought they would never work again, but she got all those heat and A/C products working again, there was no risk of voiding the warranty on those products, so I didn’t see any issue with her working on those things. I just told her to be super careful because window A/C units have refrigerant inside and you don’t want that stuff leaking on you! She studied so many heating plus A/C repair books from the library that she had no concerns in the least. She was even giving the heating plus A/C experts advice when they were coming over and they offered her advice in return. She eventually went to an actual heating plus A/C trade school and became one of the best heating plus A/C professionals around! The great thing is she kept her promise, she works on our heating plus A/C component and she won’t accept our money to pay her for the labor she puts in!

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