I’m glad we decided to upgrade the heating system

When we decided to have our heating system checked out by a local contractor, we discovered there were too many issues going on with the heating equipment.

I believe the biggest issue was the fact that the heating equipment was so old.

I was told that even if the heating equipment was repaired, it was going to have issues and might even break down during an essential time in the winter season. I didn’t want to have any issues with the heating equipment breaking down, so I looked into new heating units for my home. The system that stood out to me the most was the dual fuel heating system. This system includes a gas furnace combined with an electric heat pump to provide heating with ultimate energy efficiency. I was delighted to learn that the heat pump also provides cooling in the summer months, which was great news. So I had this new dual fuel heating system installed and it didn’t take long to see how energy efficient the system is. So far through the winter season, the heating has been exceptional. I loved how well the heat pump worked before it got very cold. That’s when the gas furnace kicked on and it has been nice and toasty in our home, with low energy costs. Before, the energy bills would always be skyrocketing in the cold season, but now the bills have been especially low and we sure are thankful for that. I’m glad we didn’t decide to try to fix the old system because it would have been a triple whammy with high energy costs, system breakdowns and emergency HVAC repairs.

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