I hate hospitals because of how cold they are

I can’t stand being anywhere near hospitals.

  • I loathe the entire experience of being at a hospital for any reason.

I mean, obviously you never want to be a patient, because that means there’s something wrong with you. However, I don’t even like going to the hospital when I have to visit someone else. It’s bright white walls and ceilings, sterile and clinically-clean chemical smell, and fluorescent lighting put me off something fierce. But the worst thing of all that I can’t stand about hospitals is how freezing they are! I’m well aware that cold air is better at slowing the spread of germs than warmer air. However, knowing the logic behind it doesn’t improve my mood whenever I visit the hospital. I always come prepared with several layers of clothing. At least when I’m visiting someone, I have the option of doing this. It’s still annoying having to walk from the parking garage all the way through the front doors when it’s hot outside with those extra layers though. I haven’t been to the hospital for treatment for myself very often, thank God, but when I have, it’s been terrible. I have to wear that awful hospital gown, and so I end up freezing because of the air conditioner. When I have to stay overnight or for multiple days, I just can’t get any rest. The conditions of the hospital are not conducive for me to relax, especially because of the icy coldness. I always need extra blankets, but it’s hardly any consolation to get them!


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