Call out an HVAC technician before the summer heat hits you!

I must say that I’m definitely looking forward to the fall! This past summer has been one of the hottest I’ve ever experienced in my life. For a few days there, it was common for the thermometer to reach the triple digits! I think 103° was the highest I had seen it. My air conditioner ran like a champ through the whole season though. I must say, it probably would not have if I had not called out an HVAC technician all the way back in early May. The HVAC tech made sure that my air conditioner would be running at peak performance for the summer. My air ducts were cleaned. My air filter was replaced. All the machine parts of the HVAC system were checked and lubricated, tightened, and repaired as necessary. He also checked my freon levels and discovered a slight hole that needed to be patched. You see, all sorts of things can go wrong with your air conditioning system throughout the year, which is why it’s best to call out an HVAC technician to take a good look at it and fix whatever needs to be fixed before it gets too hot outside. HVAC companies will be swamped with business during the summer anyway, so it’s best to call them out before it gets too hot. It’s why I can turn my thermostat down nice and low with confidence that my air conditioner will be able to handle my desired temperature. So, the next time you’re facing down the summer months, call out an HVAC technician to make sure your A/C is good to go!


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