I have a strange life at this point

A lot of my friends laugh at the way I live here.

Many of them live in small flats with a few roommates while I live in this big flat all alone except for my several kittens.

I may end up getting a roommate sometime down the road but I want to wait till the right man comes along. The last time I tried getting a roommate it didn’t work out so well so now I am being more cautious about who I agree to have living with me. I have new Heating and Air Conditioning technology which has certainly saved me a lot of money each month on my power bills, making it far easier to live alone, but I suppose having the right roommate could be fun if every one of us magically get along well enough. I’ve had cool roommates before and every one of us carefully helped each other out all the time by taking turns cooking supper and also helping with the cleaning. I paid extra money to get the best zone controlled Heating and Air Conditioning plan that I have and it has proven to be the most unquestionably cost effective. I make just enough money each month to spend money on my living expenses and food so I am okay for now, however having a roommate would rapidly split my costs in half each month and that would alleviate a lot of the financial burden I am personally carrying by myself. Everything works out over time so I just need to keep plugging along for now with my work at the Heating and Air Conditioning company and let the great universe handle the rest of the messy details.

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