I don’t want to do it alone

My bandmate has left the old neighborhood for a month so every one of us won’t be playing any songs in the streets, such as every one of us have been each week.

I really generally enjoy doing it and have a lot of fun so it is going to be a bit bland over the next month or so without any singing happening.

I do have a nice sound plan and my djembe drum in my place so I guess I could go out and do it alone but I am kind of afraid not having my band to back me up with his amazing vocals. He is also a heating worker who works regularly on the weekends at the heating supplier helping with inventory and such. Both of us generally make most of our money though busking on the streets and that is also where every one of us have most of our fun too. I meet a lot of people playing songs on the empty streets, which gets me out of my temperature controlled flat where it is simple to comfortably stay because it is so quiet and well controlled, i also teach volleyball on the beach, which is nice for making friends and even meeting people, however doesn’t spend money so well because of all of the surrounding competition from other teachers. I suppose I will try to get a new position with my bandmate at the heating provider since they are looking for help, it would earn some extra money and get me out of the condo a bit more. I savor being in my flat however you now that too much time in there alone feels like solitary confinement occasionally.

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