Hiding from the neighbor with a window tint

I disclose that I dislike my next door neighbor, however the guy is consistently a problem, then he frequently will leave trash in the middle of his grass, it then blows over to my home as well as I have to option it up.

He also plays songs at all hours of the night as well as has a genuinely annoying dog.

I try to avoid contact whenever possible with him. The guy genuinely prefers to chat. If he sees me out front, he comes right over, however for a while there was a privacy fence on his side of the house. The guy detachd it recently for some reason, however now the guy is consistently yapping over the fence when I am in the yard as well as knocking on my door when I am inside. I realized that he can see inside the home from my side windows. The first thing I did was get a window film as well as tint company over to respected the problem. Now every single window in my beach home has a window tint. From the outside the windows are black. Inside the beach home I can see perfectly outdoors. The next thing I did was erect an outdoor shed that blocks the neighbor totally, then my neighbor now can only see the back of the shed as well as if he looks up, my third story has tinted windows. Now he has no clue if I am at beach home unless I am across the road getting the mail, you can bet I don’t get my mail unless it is love 6 am or midnight. I genuinely don’t love that guy.

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