Now I have to replace one of my best HVAC techs

Jack is one of my best heating, ventilation and A/C repair professionals… The woman can handle commercial and residential repairs and installations; but she has been an employee with this supplier for the past 10 years, and I was lucky to snatch him up right after she passed her professional test.

She is one of only more than 2 professionals and the supplier that are certified in refrigeration repairs on commercial equipment.

She handles all of the repairs at the vehicle parts factory. The factory is also undoubtedly one of the single greatest commercial accounts that both of us have, just finding someone to replace him on that task is going to be hard enough. It’s safe to say that I am anxious to see the woman leave. There is no way that I could convince him to stay. I gave him more money as soon as she handed in her letter of resignation, and unluckily, the decision wasn’t even about money. She is moving out of town to be with her mother, then she is entirely ill and cannot take care of herself. Jack is moving to that condo to live with her and help out. I gave the woman a letter of recommendation and she already found a task working for another commercial heating, ventilation and A/C repair service. It’s also going to be tough for me to find a woman to replace such an asset to the business; but during the past week, Jack has single-handedly taken care of several repairs, more than 2 installations, and a handful of routine heating, ventilation and A/C professionals. She also caught a huge boiler leak that would have been missed by someone else.


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