Winter has been harsh

As if the universe could read my thoughts, the winter this season has been incredibly harsh. I was just thinking a month or so ago, that we hadn’t had a harsh winter in a long time, and I was enjoying it. Well the cold winter has definitely returned, and I guess I spoke too soon. I live in an area that is used to cold winters, but for the past 2 years, we were lucky to only get mild cold weather. But here we are only a week into wintertime and we already have a blizzard on the way. Thankfully, the cold weather is not going to affect me all that much. I used to really dread the winters, because driving out in the snow was difficult and risky. But now that I have been working from home, that is an issue of the past. Really, the only thing that I would usually worry about right now is my heating system, and ensuring that I get the central furnace the proper maintenance that it needs. However, I don’t even need to worry about the furnace system either, because I went ahead and had the HVAC tuneup done early a few weeks ago, and the heating technician told me my heating unit was good to go! So I am fully prepared to handle an icy cold winter. I really feel sorry for anyone who hadn’t had their heating components maintained in awhile, because I am sure some people weren’t getting them looked at due to the mild winters, they probably didn’t think they needed to.


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