The truth was a huge surprise and very unexpected

He did try to hit on her.

A couple of weeks ago, I had to fire one of my best employees. I hated to see the guy leave, but there was absolutely no way I could keep him on the payroll. I received a complaint from one of our commercial customers. We have been servicing the HVAC commercial account for the past eight years. The employee that regularly services the account was on vacation, so I sent another certified technician to handle the account. The guy has been working for the HVAC repair company for three years. I’ve never had any issues and the guy is smart and capable. After my repair technician left the commercial account repair, the manager immediately called with a complaint. The manager was upset because the service technician tried to hit on her. The woman went into detail, and I could tell that she was very angry and upset. I immediately drove to the location where the employee was working. I told him about the complaint and I demanded an answer. The service technician told me that he was divorced recently and the manager looked very good that day. I honestly thought there was likely a misunderstanding between the manager and the service technician, but he confirmed everything that she was upset about. He did try to hit on her. She was uncomfortable and he still tried to get her home phone number from another employee. I had to let him go after the manager called to complain. I can’t have that kind of behavior in my business. I need trustworthy guys that put work first.

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