The new employee doesn't seem very smart

I hate to say disparaging and mean things about another employee, but the new guy doesn’t seem very smart.

My boss had me working with the guy the entire week and I had to do most of the work.

The new guy had to be instructed on every single part of the job. It was more work to have a person by my side, when it should have made my week a whole lot easier. On Tuesday, we were working on a simple air conditioner repair. We had to replace a hose. It was a routine job and the hose was in a place that was easy to reach. Still, the new guy had problems the whole time he was replacing the hose. I had to take over and finish. On Wednesday, the guy was an hour late for work. He had to meet me at an installation job in his own vehicle. He took forever to reach the destination and he didn’t provide much help during the installation. He followed all of my directions, but he didn’t seem capable on his own. Thursday was relatively easy and the guy skated by without any problems. Friday the two of us were working on a commercial boiler repair. The guy burned his arm because he wasn’t being careful. It seemed like his first day on the job as a heating and air conditioner repair specialist, even though his resume claimed four years of on-the-job experience. Either the guy isn’t very smart or he lied on his job application about his experience.


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