Indoor air pollutants make our flu symptoms worse

I have suffered from seasonal flu symptoms since I was a teenager.

I used to take a pill every single day if I wanted to go outside & play.

The pill made me incredibly drowsy, but at least I did not spend the entire day sneezing, sniffling, & scratching our eyes. I thought I was the only lady in the world with poor flu symptoms, however none of our friends had to take a pill or stay inside of the beach house when people were mowing the sod & splitting the sod. Since I have gotten older, our flu symptoms are only worse. Indoor air pollutants cause a lot of irritation in our sinuses & our throat. I cannot be anywhere near the sprays that cause great scents in the air. A few nights ago at work, someone sprayed a potpourri spray in the break room & I had an attack that sent me to the emergency room. The doctor told me that it was time to do something about the indoor air. She proposed purchasing an media air cleaner for our home. I told the woman that our complication did not occur at home, even though she was convinced that the media air cleaner would help our flu symptoms a good deal. After a week, the results from the media air cleaner are more than amazing. I had a discussion with our boss about moving to an office with a door, because I guess I would breathe a lot better at work. If I can get our doctor to write a note that certainally addresses this issue, the boss will make the change.



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