Advertising your website and building upon it takes patience

One of my outdated customers sent me a pretty nasty email the other day about how his relatively new website was performing poorly.

I’m actually the one who designed his website for him over a year ago, plus at the time he essentially just wanted a bare bones website… The guy runs a Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier, but he just wanted a regular plain site with contact information, plus a price list, and no pictures, no clickable content, just basically a digital business card.

Now he comes back feeling especially mad since he is getting killed in search results. Honestly, at the time I had explained to him the importance of SEO along with web design, but he didn’t want to pay anything for that! He wanted to run ads, because those tend to generate an immediate spike in traffic to the website, which in turn can lead to some sales. The main problem with ads is that they are short lived, plus as the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind” meaning as soon as you stop paying, the ads are then gone plus are forgotten forever. It would literally cost a small fortune, if not thousands of dollars, to run Google ads every day, so the alternative is to invest that time plus money into your website. Choosing to use core SEO techniques, you can push your website near to the top of the Google search results, plus not need to spend money for as many ads. You need to view online advertising pretty much as an investment of your time, energy, plus money that will cover you soon enough. You definitely need to be patient, because wonderful things come to those who have patience.