Road tripping days end with great HVAC comfort

My grandfather was a real life traveling salesman.

This is of the sort way back in the day that went town to town selling their wares.

He did this almost his entire career. And man, did that guy ever have some stories. I can remember many hot summer afternoons spent inside the air conditioning listening to my grandpa’s stories of the road. Well, due to the pandemic, I had to hit the road in the name of business as well. While I’m not a traveling salesman, I am largely responsible for getting out to our customers. And I just wasn’t able to do that working from home in the air conditioning of my house when the office had to close. The longer I worked remotely, the more I realized that I was going to have to get creative when it came to getting to our customers. So it was pack up the car put the HVAC cooling on max and hit the road. That’s how I spent nearly the entire summer and some of the fall of 2020. While it kept me away from home for a long time, it was a rather interesting experience in other ways. I saw a lot of the country from ground level. And I have to say that the heating and cooling comfort of my car far surpassed the HVAC I get on planes. Each day also ended with great HVAC comfort as well. I found that the interstate hotels that have the big wall unit air conditioners were the most consistent. They pumped out all the HVAC cooling I could stand and it was great. Plus, each morning, I was able to grab a free breakfast as I walked out the door for another day on the road.

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