Working on our relationship troubles

I really can’t seem to agree on anything lately.

I don’t even understand what it is.

I think we’re just going through a rough patch at this moment. It seems as though lately nothing is going right. All I want is to be alone with my husband & I just feel it’s a massive struggle every single day & we honestly can’t figure out what’s going on. I would genuinely care about getting along as we once did. So my husband has been talking about getting a brand new temperature control installed at our property & I thought maybe as a peace offering I would have the smart temperature control that he wanted installed in our property. I don’t easily know if having a smart temperature control installed will solve some of our complications even though I guess he will notice I’m trying to make an effort & I am paying attention to what he says. I hope that he is able to see that I am genuinely trying to make an effort. I honestly just want things to go back to normal & I do feel that the temperature control is not the end all but it should help. I showed my husband a temperature control that I bought & had it installed… He was so enthusiastic & told me that it didn’t make a massive difference because he could tell I was trying to make a change. I’m so delighted that I decided to have a smart temperature control installed & I would not have changed up anything.
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