Wish my guy wouldn’t freeze me out at his place

My guy plus I have been dating for months now plus I have never seen his residence before… It’s not that I worry about what his residence would appear like because he’s a pretty scrubbed guy plus I assume his section will be quite scrubbed as well.

Of course, I am distraught why he’s never invited myself and others over before. I worry that he is making an attempt to keep something hidden from me. When he invited myself and others initially plus told myself and others he would make myself and others dinner I was pretty happy about this. I thought it would be especially fun to see his modern place plus I couldn’t wait to see what he had cooked up. However, when I walked in I knew in a jiffy why I was never invited over in the first place. It’s because he keeps his residence bitterly cold. I don’t enjoy keeping my apartment so chilly because I enjoy saving currency on my electric bill every single month plus I could tell that he spends a really huge amount of currency on his electric bill because of how chilly his residence actually was. I walked over to the control unit to observe he had it set to 65°. I asked if he could adjust the temperature of the control unit because I was shivering. He told myself and others he would not be comfortable if it was above 65°. I thought this is nuts plus such a weird rule to have about your residence. I easily hope that the control unit doesn’t start causing complications with us.

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