Too freezing at my boyfriend’s place

My boyfriend plus I have been dating for quite some time now plus I have never seen his apartment until recently.

  • It’s honestly not that I worry about what his dwelling would look like because he’s a pretty clean guy plus I supposed his space would be quite clean as well.

However, I am anxious why he’s never invited me over before. I worry that he is trying to keep something away from me… So when he invited myself and others over for the first time plus told myself and others he would make myself and others some good food, I was so excited. I thought it would be thrilling to see his dwelling plus I couldn’t wait to see what he had for the meal. However, right when I walked in I knew right away why I was never invited over in the past. It’s because he prefers to keep his dwelling freezing cold. I don’t savor keeping my own place freezing because I savor to save money on my electric bill each month plus I could tell that he spends a huge amount of money on his electric bill because of how frigid his home was. I walked over to the thermostat to see it was set to 65°. I asked if he wouldn’t mind turning up the temperature of the thermostat because I was way too cold, although he told myself and others he would not be comfortable in the least if it was above 65°. I thought this was totally deranged plus such a peculiar rule to have about your dwelling. I genuinely hope that the thermostat doesn’t start causing problems between us.


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