Helping improve our relationship with a good thermostat

I can’t seem to agree on anything as of late! I don’t even know for sure what it is.

I suppose we’re just going through a hard patch, however it seems like lately nothing can even go right.

All I want is to be alone with my husband and I just feel like it’s a struggle no matter what and we can’t figure out what’s going on in the slightest. I would easily appreciate managing to learn how to get along like we did in the past… So my husband has been talking about getting a current control unit installed at our lake residence and I thought perhaps as a peace offering I would have the smart temperature control unit that he wanted installed in our residence. I don’t honestly know for certain if having a smart control unit installed will solve a few of our complications however I believe he will at least notice I’m trying to make an effort and I am paying attention to what he speaks of. I hope that he is able to see that I am honestly making an effort. I really want things to go back to normal and I suppose that the control unit is not the end all but I hope it helps. I finally showed my husband a control unit that I purchased and had it installed. He was so happy and told me that it didn’t make a tremendous difference because he could tell I was trying. I’m so cheerful I decided to have a smart control unit installed and I would not have changed anything.

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