Our car didn’t have air conditioning for our three hour drive

My partner is easily into reptiles, but I knew that when I married her; she had 2 snakes, a tortoise, plus a large lizard when the two of us met! All of us now have 8 snakes, 3 tortoises, 2 turtles, plus 4 lizards.

I don’t mind the reptiles, but they entirely kind of grow on you after a while, but still, I didn’t think the two of us needed any more reptiles…

And despite this, my partner insisted that the two of us make the 3 hour drive to go see a reptile expo. She swore she only wanted to look at the reptiles plus that she wouldn’t get anything; of course, I decided to tag along to make sure she kept her word. The only complication is that the cooling system doesn’t toil in our car. I thought it would be a nice day plus comfortable with the windows open. That turned out to be a large mistake… Without a cooling system it was an absolutely uncomfortable trip. I was sticking to the automobile seat by the time the two of us arrived at the reptile expo. I was also getting absolutely grumpy. I was certain that the reptile expo would not have an air conditioner. After all, reptiles like a lot of heat, but so I was convinced the two of us would walk around in a moderate gymnasium for a few hours then get back in our hot, un-air conditioned car. I am absolutely blissful that I was wrong… Not only did the reptile expo have a cooling system but the cooling system worked perfectly. I was hit by a cool blast of air as soon as the two of us opened the door. It was so nice plus refreshing. All of us walked around for over 2 hours plus I didn’t want to actually leave. There were so many cool reptiles. Having a cool cooling system didn’t hurt either.

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