Living with my mom isn’t ideal

I forgot to say, I always knew that my mom was a challenging person however I have seen her in a brand new light recently, not only is my mom challenging and riddled with anxiety, she is also a far more dangerous human being than I had realized, and for most of my life I have known that my mom was semi abusive, however now she has taken things to a whole new level.

  • My mom offered for me to stay with her to save money on rent, energy bills, and HVAC costs.

We have often talked about how challenging it is to live in a modern home with a correct central heating and cooling system. I have been in many bad roommate situations where we could not agree on a heating and cooling program that saved us from high energy bills, and after all of this conversation, I assumed that living with my mom would be a much smoother, more cost-effective, and comfortable plan! Unfortunately, it turns out that my heating, cooling, and ventilation problems are just as terrible as living with roommates. Furthermore, my mom’s heating, cooling, and air quality control dictatorship feels like unwarranted abuse. She is continually barking down my neck complaining about the indoor air quality. I never even touch the temperature control or adjust her heating and cooling equipment to receive any of the scorn, although she sends it our way nevertheless. Now, it’s gotten to the point that she is so paranoid about her indoor air temperature control devices that she is asking me for money. She wants me to chip into a full heating and cooling replacement if I am going to continue living in her house. So much for saving money on rent.



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