It was a cold morning

Today is absolutely not my preferred afternoon, and every time when I wake up on a Sunday I guess that it’s time for me to get started with our school work. I like to have as much as I can for the entire week in the first afternoon. Sometimes, it can be seriously hard to get through a solid amount of material on an early Sunday morning.There’s no doubt, my brain is not fully functioning after the weekend, additionally. I’m finding that my environment makes a big difference in my productivity. Specifically, the mess that is all around me is undoubtedly distracting. Secondly, my unpleasant indoor air temperature is easily making things challenging. When I woke up this afternoon I noticed that my thermostat was not appropriately set for the outdoor air temperature. The weather conditions were pretty chilly this afternoon and my central heating, cooling, and ventilation plan did not have the heat turned up very high. The house has been seriously chilly since I woke up although I do not want to adjust the central heating and cooling plan again. I know that it’s going to be hot eventually andI want to save the extra energy costs. Therefore, I’m sitting here trying to study and waiting for the house to naturally heat itself rather than counting on my expensive forced air furnace, and let me tell you, shivering through my studies was not how I wanted to start my week. I am praying for the indoor air temperature to heat up before I have to turn on a space heater. All of this discomfort for a little Art History.