A new heating and cooling system is on the agenda for my mom’s beauty salon

My mom is regularly the person who knows everybody else’s business; she is the first person to hear any kind of gossip. I think the fact that she works in a beauty salon helps! People are regularly talking there. I have made it very clear that I don’t want to hear all of the gossip. It is none of our corporation plus I would prefer to keep it that way. So when our mom started saying, “Linda at the salon told me…” I stopped her right there. I didn’t want to hear it. Or so I thought, then but our mom insisted that I did want to hear it plus it turned out she was right. I run a local heating plus A/C dealer. I repair a/cs plus furnaces plus stuff akin to that. Apparently Linda wants to replace the beauty salon’s heating plus A/C plan plus she wants me to come plus provide her a price quote as the beauty salon has only had a window a/c plan for years. In the winter, they get by with a few space heaters alone. The salon is not very large so it has worked fairly well; however, Linda wants to replace the look of the entire salon. She wants a much more modern look. So that means central heating plus air. The shop is very small. I will have to look at it again but I don’t think a traditional heating plus A/C plan will do. Instead, I am thinking about suggesting a ductless mini split system. Those do their job better in smaller spaces. Besides, I wouldn’t have to tear the walls apart. Pricewise, I think it would do the job for Linda as well.


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