Professional cleaning is a huge improvement for our business

My family runs a custom furniture business.

  • My great-grandfather started it.

I’m in line to take over the business over the course of the next several years. My mom and dad are getting ready to retire. They are gradually turning over more and more responsibility to me. It is none too soon for me. I went to college and studied business management and marketing in order to help our family company grow and be more successful. I didn’t study for four years to function as the janitor or maid at the furniture shop. I’ve also worked with my family to learn the actual trade. I’m capable of building custom furniture. I know how to handle the books and the best ways to advertise. I am more than willing to assist the business in every way. However, I think my time is better spent in ways other than cleaning the floors and bathrooms. My mom and dad have always handled the cleaning. They had us kids sweeping and vacuuming at an early age. I’ve had a difficult time convincing my parents that it’s time to hire a professional cleaning company. The professionals keep the shop looking its best. We present a better environment for our customers. Our workers are certainly happier. My siblings are relieved to no longer need to complete the cleaning jobs. The cleaning crew comes in every week and takes care of everything. They have specialized machines that get rid of stains, bacteria and other harmful toxins from hard surfaces as well as carpet fibers. We now enjoy a healthier work environment. It’s been a huge improvement for our business.

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