We wanted to work on the bedroom flooring

When I bought my house, I was a single guy.

I didn’t care if the place had a few dings and dents. I knew that I could work on the house over time and I wasn’t concerned with fixing everything all at once. Two months after I bought my house, I met my wife. We only dated for a short time before I proposed getting married. My wife and I were married just a couple of months after that. When she moved into the house, she wanted to make the place more of her own. I didn’t mind at all. One thing she wanted to do first was work on the master bedroom. My wife wanted to get rid of the old shag carpet and replace it with hardwood floors. I didn’t know the first thing about installing hardwood floors, so we had to find a general contractor. Luckily, there are lots of general contractors where we live. It was easy to get free estimates from several different contractors. My wife picked all of the materials for the remodel and she ultimately decided on the general contractor for the job. The entire remodeling process took several weeks, but the general contractor installed our new floors in one weekend. I must admit that the place looks a lot better than it did before a woman moved into the house. Our next project is going to be a greenhouse in the backyard. My wife is going to use the same contractor that installed our hardwood floors. The guy does quality work for an affordable and reasonable price.



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