The HVAC Guy Saves Me Again

I sure can be a very fortunate person.

My mother in law just moved about 10 miles away from us.

I have done my best to adjust to this latest quirk in my life. But, I was also not the least bit thrilled that this woman was in immediate striking distance from my home. She is simply not a pleasant person to be around for any reason. I would rather stand in a closet in my HVAC treated home than even have lunch with her. However, she is recently widowed and she is family. My wife needs her to be closer to us and I get that. There wasn’t a great deal of money from her husbands estate so, she had to settle into a small bungalow. The place is a bit old and there will have to be a number of upgrades to make my mother in law comfortable. However, before we could even begin changing out some things, the HVAC system just completely died. I called the heating and cooling professionals that we use. The HVAC tech came right out and confirmed what I was dreading. The HVAC would have to be completely replaced. This would be a challenge give my mother in law’s financial position. We all discussed the options with an HVAC contractor who helped us better understand our position. Due to his input, we were able to find a heating and cooling system that would be sufficient for my mother in law and one that we could afford. He even gave my mother in law a portable HVAC to keep her cool until the new HVAC could be installed.


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