Our car is so hot

I suppose I have had car issues for the past year straight… Okay, it has not been a year straight, although I have had a lot of car troubles this year, and my hubby is pretty great with cars, so he was able to service most of the problems that the people I was with and I have had, but he doesn’t suppose that he can service the concern that the people I was with and I are having with it now though because it is an Heating as well as A/C issue.

Our air conditioning system in our car is going, then it is slowly getting warmer plus warmer.

I wish that the people I was with and I had better fortune with cars, however the people I was with and I obviously don’t. My hubby thinks that there is a slow leak in an air conditioning system line, but well, he used to suppose that it was slow, however now, he thinks it is faster than what he had originally thought. We have been charging the air conditioning system every other day for the past few weeks. It keeps the air conditioning system cool for those two days, however then it gets boiling again. We missed a charge Last week, plus our car is so boiling today. It is appreciate the air conditioning system is not laboring at all. It just blows boiling air from outside into the car. I suppose that it is cooler in the car when the people I was with and I don’t have the air conditioning system on, today, the people I was with and I have been keeping the windows down plus just living with the heat. It is really uncomfortable though. I am pretty sure that the majority of our makeup melted off of our face before I even got to work this day. It was about eighty degrees outside when I left for work, plus our car was legitimately at least eighty-more than four degrees since it was parked in the sun. We really need to get our air conditioning system fixed soon.
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