My spouse accidently broke our cooling system

The people I was with and I had to get the cooling systems out early this year.

It got warmer faster this year than it usually does.

The people I was with and I don’t usually get the cooling systems out until May, however this year, all of us had to get them out towards the end of March. It was around seventy-several degrees outside while in the first month of March, however for some people, seventy-several degrees is the perfect temperature, however for my spouse plus I, seventy-several degrees is air conditioning system weather. My spouse accidentally broke a single of our cooling systems while getting it out of storage this year. The people I was with and I keep both of our cooling systems in the attic while in the Winter time weeks so that they aren’t in the way. My spouse carried a single of the cooling systems down plus installed it in the family room window. He went to get the second cooling system, plus all I heard was a bunch of banging plus a loud crash. I thought that my spouse had fallen down the stairs, so I rushed to see, although he had just dropped the cooling system down the stairs. I was cheerful to see that he was okay, however I was upset to see that the cooling system that all of us usually put in our kitchen was broken. The people I was with and I tried plugging in the cooling system that had fallen plus turning it on, however nothing happened. The cooling system was broken. The people I was with and I were both upset about the cooling system, however all of us are thankful that no a single was hurt. I would rather have to spend money for a new cooling system than have to spend money a hospital bill.



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