I can’t wait to try out pants with built in air conditioning

I have a buddy who happens to be an inventor of sorts, however he has come up with all kinds of interesting inventions such as a generator that is propelled by magnets.

He also came up with this undoubtedly interesting thing that I especially love.

He designed a type of coat that has a built in oil furnace inside of it. He actually came up with this design before both of us started seeing similar coats on the market for purchase. There are not all that numerous types of heated coats out there yet, however they are gaining popularity. He has actually made a wonderful amount of money by selling his coat products & with that money he is actually trying to get into making similar products with cooling technology. He wants to come out with cooling hats & even cooling pants. I actually can’t wait to see what it would be like to wear some pants with air conditioner inside of them. This would be especially nice when I am jogging & I start to sweat. Periodically it gets actually poor & it can be downright embarrassing. That’s why a lot of the time I will just run indoors on my treadmill so that I don’t have to sweat outside. I am able to adjust the temperature control settings with the air conditioning blasting & I do just fine. I always wished I could adjust the temperature control settings outdoors, however that was never possible until my friend started talking about these cooling technology products. I told him I would like to be the first to test out his cooling pants.


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