Is there a reason why you cough?

I am not a fantastic patient.

In fact, to be honest, I am a giant wuss when it comes to being sick.

Whether it is talking about a cold, flu or something else, I am such a baby that I even tend to annoy myself. This is straight truth plus I’m not so proud of it. I often whine, complain plus make a general nuisance of myself. So, you know it is in pretty much everyone’s best interest to keep myself and others healthy. About 2 years back, I found myself picking up every little cold. It seemed to me that I simply could not stay healthy. The drs were stumped as well. They suggested that my entire immune method was depleted through stress or lack of nutrition. So, I got after both of those problems however still kept getting sick. A buddy of mine eventually made an observation that ended up making all the difference. He came over and was in my home one day helping myself and others get an old trunk down from the attic. That’s when he asked myself and others about my own old Heating plus A/C air duct. My buddy just off handedly paused and asked myself and others when the last time I had my air ducts professionally cleaned. Well, never was my unfortunate answer. Then it finally dawned on my that perhaps that was what was causing such a slip in my immune system. I called my Heating plus A/C people to see what they possibly could do to help myself and others out. Turns out, they have a fellow contractor who does nothing however air duct cleaning. I booked an appointment right then and there. The duct cleaning team showed up days later plus I could not even believe all the results. The amount of junk they sucked out of those old nasty Heating plus A/C ducts was startling. However, my health improved instantaneously!


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