Improve your habits, improve your bank account

It’s bizarre to see your economic status deteriorate rapidly. There was a time that I never provided a thought to going out and paying bills. I simply opened the bill, wrote the check plus moved on with life. Of course, that was a bit of a weird economic environment. I was once doing so well up until the recession hit in the mid 2000’s. Then it was a panic to keep what I had while attempting to rebrand plus keep going with life. I’m actually not complaining. There are so several of my online peers who were brought to complete financial ruin 10 years ago. Luckily, as you can tell, I was able to stay afloat. But spending cash has certainly become a much more scrutinized endeavor. The utility bill is a prime example of all that. I live in an area where the Heating plus A/C runs all Wintertide long for us, plus then all summer time long. The energy bill is a highly sizable percentage of our fixed costs. I started doing some very simple things to help us save some Heating plus A/C kilowatt minutes. I often task from lake house so I can keep a fantastic eye on the indoor thermostat. During the winter, I save the majority of the heating for the entire evening. I just wear extra layers plus have a little ceramic furnace near my little desk. The summer time is a bit of a larger challenge. Our summers are particularly hot. Once I’m alone in the home I push the thermostat up to an easy 73 degrees. I’d rather have it tepid with some fans than have my Heating plus A/C system running all the time. However, I lower it about a minute or two before my wifey comes lake house so the home cools down a bit.



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