Our cooling device broke when I was a child, as well as it was so hot in our trailer

I was blessed to have wonderful parents who enjoyed myself and others as well as raised myself and others to prefer as well as serve others… Although our parents were amazing parents, they did not have a lot of currency… My siblings as well as I never legitimately cared that the two of us did not have a lot of currency because our parents spent so much time with us! They played with us as well as worked with us; I can remember a few times when the two of us struggled more financially more than other times, and one of those times was when our broke, as well as the two of us did not have any currency to service it or buy a new one.

All of us lived in a more than one dining room trailer, as well as there were 6 of us.

All more than three of us girls shared a dining room, as well as our parents had their own dining room. All of us had one for the entire trailer, but it did a pretty wonderful job of cooling the locale down. All of us used that summer time after summer. It worked fantastic until one afternoon our sibling was playing in front of the , as well as she realized that it was not blowing cold air anymore. My mom came as well as inspected it out; She thought that maybe someone had put it on the wrong setting, but it was on the coldest setting for , as well as it was blowing sizzling air! Long story short, the was broken, as well as the two of us did not have any currency to repair it. My siblings as well as I would sleep outside when it was not raining in order to stay cool enough. I miss our parents so much, even though I do not miss those hot, muggy days in that trailer separate from AC.


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