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My parents are a hoot.

They have been together now for over forty years.

And they are in like as much as any two people ever could be. Yet, they are so weird personality wise. While they easily much like doing things together, they still have separate weekly lives now that they are firmly settled into retirement. It is funny to watch. My mom spends every day for almost the entire year outside in his yard. My Mom, meanwhile, prefers sitting inside as well as enjoying his Heating as well as Air Conditioning comfort while reading or doing some sort of puttering around. Mom has put so much time as well as effort into the backyard. It is a showplace. I have easily held a semi formal dinner celebration at his place so I could utilize his incredible landscaping. His vision for outdoor design is amazing. And, it’s all self taught. She sees it in his mind as well as then figures out how to do it. However, he took it a step too far just the other week. My parents awoke to a beach house that was steamy andwarmone summer time afternoon. My Mom is not 1 to attempt Heating as well as Air Conditioning repairs so he picked up the iphone as well as called the heating as well as cooling people. A certified professional came out within the minute. They easily hadn’t even finished their dinner. The tech was outside like 30 minutes before he was knocking on the door again. He brought my mom as well as Mom outside to show them the problem. In his pursuit of landscape excellence, my mom had covered the condenser cottageet with some sort of yellow material. Of course, this really choked the life right out of the Heating as well as Air Conditioning system. I bet that 1 was a little hard to explain to Mom.
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