Updating the lobby in a hotel

One of the oldest hotels in town was experiencing a sharp decrease in people coming in.

They are in the heart of the city where several concerts take place so it didn’t make much sense why people were staying at farther hotels that were older. They decided to start by asking questions of their guests to see how they could add more to their facility to draw more people. They had a survey made up & asked each person to fill it out, after a month they compiled the information & found that the main issue was the fact that the lobby was not decorated the way it should be. The old woodwork, although well made, was stained in dark oak & the heavy curtains that hung on the windows did not let in a lot of natural sun. The newer hotels had larger, open, & bright lobbies that welcomed their people coming to check in. This was much more upbeat & wonderful than the old fashioned lobby at the downtown city, so they hired a local interior design firm to come in & repair the problem. They knew that they did not want to change the wood look of it, but, they figured that there were other ways to upgrade the lobby & make it more sunny like. The first suggestion that the firm offered was to paint the walls in a lighter, brighter shade & take away the heavy drapes. They recommended having some custom upholstered chairs in the waiting area & light fabrics to supply a more breezy feel to the room. They said that will the added light, the potted plants could be added to supply it more of a natural believe too.


Wooden chairs

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