Tuscan Beauty themed kitchen

My mom and dad have typically loved to go around the world.

They have been fortunate to see some of the most interesting locales around the world & when you visit their whole house it reflects some of them as well.

It isn’t cluttered with junk like some travelers collect. My mother is really careful to create the ideal setting in each room & several times makes the decor on a single particular area in the world. On one of their recent trips she fell in love with the fabrics & wood tones they saw in Tuscany. Now, they live on the Southwest Coast & most of the homes are beach themed so the colors of those features are not readily available. My mother found that she needed to order several of the decor items online & have them shipped for the room that she wanted to decorate with that Tuscan Beauty. The a single piece that she was having wonderful difficulty finding was the table for the living room that she wanted. She wanted a large wood frame & boldly colored silk fabric to hang over the table. She ended up calling up a custom upholstery locale to have them design a Tuscan Territorial themed table. Between pictures that she found, fabric swatches & finding the perfect wood colors, she was able to get exactly what she wanted. She had to wait a few weeks but after it was in the room she could match other items in the Tuscan Beauty theme to go with it.
Desert eclectic home

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