The ductwork is falling apart on me

I am pretty sure a portion of my ductwork fell down last evening.

In the middle of the evening I woke to a loud boom.

I wandered around the lake house trying to locate the intense damage I heard. I could see nothing wrong in the house. I then tried to run my Heating and Air Conditioning the next afternoon plus I noticed that my residing room does not get any air from the air vent. I suppose the ductwork portion that stretches to the residing room was what fell. I can’t tell because the ductwork is hidden behind my wall. So what do I do now? I am assuming a Heating and Air Conditioning supplier needs to come into my lake house to repair. I am guessing the seasoned ductwork will be removed plus replaced with new HVAC ducts. The HVAC ducts will have to link to the other pieces plus the air vent in the residing room. That seems all wonderful plus fine, but how does the Heating and Air Conditioning professional do this? My Heating and Air Conditioning duct is hidden behind the wall. I am sad the fix will require the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier to tear down my residing room wall. I can’t even imagine that mess that will cause; Dust will fly everywhere plus ruin my residing room furniture. I also will have to service that wall. I will need to buy plus put up new drywall. I will need to repaint the wall the right color so it matches everything else, but on top of that would be the ductwork service cost. So I will admit that I have been putting off that Heating and Air Conditioning call. I am wondering how necessary it is.

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