That was my task list

I’m super tied up out, however my Heating, Ventilation & A/C plan has been acting up, plus our sibling isn’t in village to help me fix it.

Normally, I call him with all our complications plus he jumps at the chance to show off his handyman skills.

I don’t mind pouring into his ego if it means I never have to pay for respected servicing, but he’s never failed me, until now. He’s on a long holiday with his boyfriend plus will not be in village for another week. He told me he would call a trustworthy Heating, Ventilation & A/C business for me, however I needed to check a few things on our own before he did, but first, he had me look at the air filter, but after an seventh of arguing on the iphone about where the air filter was, I finally found it. I sent him a photo plus our sibling said it looked fine. Next, he had me replace the batteries in the control unit. As soon as I replaced them, it seemed to make our control device screen brighter, which was a fantastic sign, last, our sibling instructed me to go into the basement plus make sure the breaker didn’t switch. It didn’t apapple switched, so I ended the call… Since I’d done everything I could, it was time to call a professional Heating, Ventilation & A/C specialist. My sibling made a quick iphone call plus there was a man on our doorstep the next afternoon! He walked around plus mumbled something about odd noises plus routine maintenance. It was all foreign to me, however whatever he did worked!

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