Eye irritation thanks to dirty air ducts

Have you ever had something stuck in your eye for a few days? It’s the most infuriating feeling on Earth.

It’s also kind of dangerous, because you usually end up trying to fish something out of your eyeball.

You might accidentally scratched your own eye. This opens up a ton of other issues, such as getting a real infection in your eyeball. It’s really one of the worst situations on Earth. I went through a recent spell of this, thinking that I had a particle stuck in my eye for well over two weeks. I was digging around forever, and never found anything. I even went to an ophthalmologist for help, but they couldn’t assist me with that issue. Instead, they asked if I had anything in my home environment that might be irritating my eyes. I have no idea what they were talking about, and told them that my house is very clean. Realizing I might be insulted, the ophthalmologist asked about my indoor air. When was the last time you had your air ducts cleaned? she asked me. embarrassingly, I paused. I couldn’t remember ever having my air ducts cleaned. Give that a shot, she told me. I went home and called the local HVAC company immediately. Within two days my air ducts had been professionally cleaned by an entire crew of certified HVAC technicians. They showed me the buckets of dirt and debris that they had pulled out of my expansive air ducts. I was completely disgusted. Within a day after that, my mysterious eye condition had suddenly disappeared. Whatever airborne contaminant was messing me up had been removed. I guess my home wasn’t really as clean as I thought it was.

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