Air vents work against thermodynamics

Maybe it was a product of poor planning, but I can’t keep having it ruin my HVAC plan.

Sometimes I really wonder if college degrees mean anything. It seems like there’s a lot of idiots out there who have impressive credentials under their belts, I guess it just doesn’t impress me that much. If you can’t make common-sense decisions, it’s not going to help you to have a $200,000 degree to fall back on. That’s why I’m frankly blown away by the construction of the home where I live. I know that some kind of architect and engineer had to be involved when they were drawing up the blueprints for this place, but it seems like those guys had no clue what they were doing. The layout of my house doesn’t make much sense. The construction of the house also wasn’t done very well. There are a lot of things that I would change if it was up to me to start from scratch. One of the most important things would be placing the HVAC vents insensitive places throughout the house. Whoever was in charge of the heating and cooling conditions was not thinking when they designed to the air ducts and air vents. It seems like they were pretty confused about how hot and cold air work, actually. I say this, because they managed to put all of the heating vents up on the tops of the walls. Somehow, they also put separate cooling air vents down towards the baseboards of the walls. Maybe it was a product of poor planning, but I can’t keep having it ruin my HVAC plan. Everyday I’m running my heating system way harder than I need to because the hot air floats right up at the ceiling. Similarly the cold air just hovers down at my feet throughout the entire summer. I’m probably running my heating and cooling systems three times as hard as I need to, just trying to put the air where it needs to be. The laws of thermodynamics really don’t make energy efficiency an option with this current air vent set up.

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