Cleaning filters to reduce allergens

I am a mother of three kids between the ages of five and ten. It’s hard to balance it all most of the time, but I wouldn’t change being their mom for anything in the world. I love my kids so much and would do anything for them! So when they all started to get sick last week, I was a little nervous. All three of the kids started complaining that they felt stopped up and they had itchy eyes. I called the doctor to see what might be causing their symptoms and the doctor said it sounded like allergies. I didn’t want to give my kids allergy medicine because they are so young, so I started to think of what around the house could be causing the allergy and then it hit me! I hadn’t changed our HVAC filter in over six months. I know that most families change out their HVAC filters every couple of months, so I ran right to the HVAC unit so that I could see how clogged the filter was and it was bad to say the least. I changed the HVAC filter right away and hoped that changing the filter would help relieve some of their allergy symptoms. Well when we woke up the next morning, it seemed like all the kids were better, they didn’t complain about being stuffed up or their eyes itching. So I knew it had to be the HVAC filter that was causing the issue! I feel so bad that I let this happen and from now on I am going to be much better about changing it out!