winter time cabin trip saved with space heater

But that’s the thing about my shack, we tend to get to where we don’t worry about much of anything

I’m from a rural part of the country so being into nature is just sort of built in. That’s why I spend as much time at my little retreat in the woods as possible. It’s on family land so I got it for a song. My little shack sits on 11 acres that are now in my name alone. That feels pretty great. Almost as nice as the afternoon I became a homeowner plus I finally had nice Heating plus A/C equipment. That was an incredible afternoon as well. But finally, I was able to host my own parties out at my little spot. That’s what we country people call entertainment. See, it’s fun for us to get out of the central air conditioning of the house, then or step away from that perfect zone controlled Heating plus A/C in some expensive office to get some perspective. And besides, no matter where our individual paths have taken us, my friends are consistently my friends. So we celebration whenever we can. But there are buddies who can’t get out here from the neighborhood but every so often. So over this past Christmas, I threw a party at my shack knowing friends were in town to see their folks, and normally, my attire for the winter time is shorts plus worst case, add a hoodie. So I don’t have a stove for heating or cooking in my shack. My friend and I cook on the giant, custom grill in the yard. But wow, we sure were blessed that my sibling remembered to pack a space heater. And a neighbor of hers also brought one. I’m not sure how the fourth space heater got there. But that’s the thing about my shack, we tend to get to where we don’t worry about much of anything. But it sure was nice to have some heating from those space heaters.



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