Our kid asked for a furnace for her dollhouse

My amazing wife and I had been asking our child what she wanted for Christmas, even since Thanksgiving… However, she was only 4 and both of us were sure she had something special she would care about, even though she wouldn’t answer. She told herself and others that Santa knew exactly what she wanted, and if he was real, she would get it, but I simply asked her what she told Santa and she offered myself and others 1 of those looks that told myself and others this wasn’t going to work. I happened to be outside her home office when I overheard her talking to her dolls. She told them that she would make sure they didn’t get cold this year. She had told Santa she needed a current oil furnace for their dollhouse, and she was sure he was going to buy it for her. I heard her mutter something, and she laughed. She told Susie that of course she told him it had to be a red oil furnace because she knew that was Susie’s number one color. I now knew what both of us could get her for Christmas; then my loving wife and I spent nearly a week looking for doll lake house sized oil furnaces… At that point both of us found pot belly stoves, fireplaces, and even some section heaters, however no oil furnaces. Both of us opted to buy a pot belly stove, a fireplace, and a section heater, however none of them were red. My loving wife purchased a small bottle of red nail polish and painted the section heater. I’m sure that with the note Santa leaves her, she’ll be glad with the red section heater, and the more than one current dolls to keep Susie corporation.