My man had an appointment on Tuesday

My man is pregnant with our legitimately first child plus both of us are excited. I really want to be there while all of us were in every step of the process. I have been trying to attend all of the appointments with her, so all of us can be together when he gets all of the news about the baby. The sonogram that will determine the baby’s sex is on Tuesday plus I told our boss that our man had an appointment while all of us were in the day minutes. I told our boss that I needed to go beach apartment at noon on Tuesday. I had our schedule for the week plus I was supposed to help with a commercial Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C upgrade on Tuesday. I told our boss that he had to change the schedule, because that would leave one guy to complete the rest of the upgrade task on his own plus he would be there all night long. I knew that I wasn’t going to come back to work after I was done at the appointment, so when I left at noon I was going to be gone for the whole day, my boss offered me a strenuous time about the schedule, but he reminded me that I was a full-time Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C employee plus I kindly reminded him that he cannot legally keep me from going to the appointment or even say anything at all, and according to the family medical leave act, I can ask for time to go to the doctor’s appointment with our man plus as long as I have given him notice in advance, he has to comply. Even if I don’t have getaway or paid time, I can still go to the doctor’s office appointment.

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