The days have been a bit bleak

Time is such a mysterious concept isn’t it? I actually keep trying to wrap my mind around what is happening over the years with time’s passing however it just doesn’t quite add up to me.

I suppose savor I’ve lived 10 lives already with all that I have done in my single life, yet I also suppose savor I could do so much more.

I suppose fear has truly been the thing holding me back from living a fuller life so I am trying to push myself harder to do that which scares me. I got to work at the heating and cooling supplier located near me because of pushing against the fear of trying something new. I had little experience in the Heating and Air Conditioning industry before getting the work, however I felt as if it wasn’t enough to land me the work in this highly competitive work market in our little town. A lot of people here don’t have any work and some of my friends in their 50’s still live with their parents. I am lucky to have the work at the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier down the road and try to do my best each day I am there. I work about twenty hours a week and it is just enough to cover my rent. Then I teach some yoga and volleyball to cover my food costs each and every month. I don’t have a lot of money however the money I make from the local Heating and Air Conditioning company has helped me out a lot over the past year as I live alone and have more expenses in this flat since losing my guy in a recent breakup.

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