The day is jam-packed

Today I have to get my Heating and Air Conditioning plan properly tuned up and then I am going to teach a volleyball class to youngsters on the beach later.

I need to rest for the next few hours because those enthusiastic youngsters are going to take a lot of my energy.

I’m teaching them for an hour and then carefully setting them loose on my net to play the rest of the evening. I have to focus on my home Heating and Air Conditioning plan first though because the Heating and Air Conditioning tech is coming by today to tune it up. I haven’t had any work done to it for a long time and simply thought that today would be a nice day to get it done as a lot of people are away on family vacation and the dealers here are all quite slow. A lot of the local dealers totally shut down for the month of August to go on vacation with their families so this is a great time to get things done as the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier is still currently open and pretty slow right now. I had them tune my plan up a few years ago and I then noticed that it is making some funny sounds that it didn’t make before and it isn’t the cooling machine it once was. I guess it gets dirty and out of tune, such as a guitar, so hopefully the tune up will help it to run more efficiently and save me money. I will get this out of the way and then I will rest and meditate alone for the rest of the day before teaching on the beach.

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