The card is harder than the HVAC for me

I finally got my dad a birthday card for his 72th birthday after all of these years away.

  • I live overseas and normally just send him an electronic bday card and supply him a PC call, however this time I want to send him a real card and show how much I appreciate her.

I suppose it is excruciating never sending a card, however at least I am going to do it this time. I’m just not nice at the card stuff however this time I am going to make it a priority. I manage to clean my HEPA filter in my HVAC system when it is dirty however for some reason can’t mail a card when it is time. It all really comes down to laziness, which I am apparently guilty of over many years, however daddy worked in the Heating and Air Conditioning industry and taught me an awful lot about it and he has been such a loving and fantastic parent that I want him to understand it on this big birthday he has coming up. Your parents won’t be around forever and a single day I’ll wish I had more chances to mail that card. I currently work here at the local Heating and Air Conditioning supplier during the week and I guess I am seeing that life is passing by the older I get and it becomes a bit more important and special in these later years. Maybe I’ll even send a HEPA filter as a gift!

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