Air conditioning is necessary for many medical conditions

For those individuals living with particular medical conditions, it is essential that they have air conditioning in their homes and stay in the air conditioning as much as possible in the heat of the Summer weeks! Some of the conditions that are annoyed by heat and require air conditioning are migraines, autoimmune diseases, lung diseases, pregnancy, as well as rosacea. But if someone suffers from migraines, sometimes light can trigger the headache pain to get worse. Heat can lead to dehydration, which makes migraines worse. If someone is a migraine sufferer they should stay inside in the air conditioning and if they are having a flare up they should sit down in a dark, quiet room. It is helpful for those who suffer from migraines to purchase portable air conditioners if they do not have central air conditioning so they can bring the portable air conditioning into the dark room when they are suffering. Autoimmune diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis are annoyed in the UV light and heat from the sun! Those who suffer from lupus and rheumatoid arthritis should stay out of direct sunlight. It is safest that those with autoimmune diseases stay inside in the air conditioning in the Summer weeks or when UV rays are strongest. Lung diseases such as COPD make it strenuous to breathe. When the air is humid and stagnant, it can make breathing harder even for someone without a lung disease. Air conditioning helps in this situation because it removes humidity from the air and cooling the air. Those who are pregnant and have rosacea should also seek air conditioning in the hot Summer weeks.

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