Barb was glad she brought the portable cooling unit for the trip

Barb was quite hesitant about the whole trip to the great outdoors, as her brother called it.

Ever since they were kids, Barb and her brother were so different. They love each other very much, but you notice their differences immediately. Barb’s brother loves the outdoors and being out in nature. He’s never bothered by bugs or getting his hands dirty. On the other hand, Barb loves being inside, away from bugs and dirt. But, recently, they wanted to reconnect, so they agreed to go on a road trip and stay in the camper van. Barb’s brother kept convincing her that the camper van had the best cooling system. Barb was worried about being in the middle of nowhere without proper air conditioning. So, just as a precaution, Barb carried her powerful portable HVAC. She told her brother there was no way she was leaving the city without the portable cooling system. They were so lucky that Barb insisted on bringing the portable air conditioner because the camper van AC stopped working two weeks after their two-week trip. Barb’s brother tried his best to find out why the AC wouldn’t turn on, but it was no use. They’d have to wait another two days before getting to a town where someone could take a look. In the meantime, they had to use the portable cooling unit to cool the camper van. Barb’s brother had to admit that she had been right about always being prepared for such issues. He’d forgotten that even though she doesn’t like nature, she is a trained first responder.

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