Glad to have my fireplace

I am really glad to have my fireplace now.

  • Admittedly when I first saw my home and noticed it had a fireplace, I thought that it was going to be a waste because I would never use it.

I ended up learning to never say never. For the first 4 years or so of living in this home, I didn’t need to use the fireplace, it was just there collecting dust. Then one cold winter my furnace broke down. I tried calling different heating and air conditioning corporations, but they all had the same answer for me, which was that they were booked. The closest appointment I could get was 3 weeks away. There was no way I was going without heating for 3 weeks, so that left only one heating method. The fireplace. With the help of my husband, we were able to get the fireplace working and a fire burning. I didn’t have high hopes that it would heat the home very well, but to my surprise, it actually did a pretty good job. While it couldn’t heat the entire home, it probably heated most of it. That, and I discovered I actually really like sitting around the fireplace talking to my husband, it feels incredibly relaxing. I am now glad that I have my fireplace, because if I bought a home without one, I would be in trouble right about now. I am going to make sure my next house also has a fireplace as well, they can definitely come in handy.

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