I don't do the bars any more

I will not go to any bars in our town to hang out with our friends anymore.

The reason I won’t is because over the last few years the air quality has gotten super poor! Most bars no longer allow smoking indoors, however you have to go outside in order to smoke.

But our section in which I live has not passed this particular law. And because of that, a lot of smokers from out of town are piling into our bars here because you can still smoke indoors! And because of that alone, the air quality has gone way downhill with twice as many people hanging out in there plus smoking. The bar itself is really pleased I’m sure with the profits going through the roof because of them standing ground. But it is not fantastic for us who can not inhale tons of cigarette smoke. Before this happened, I was ok with the smoking of small amounts of smokers. But now that it has gotten better, the air quality is so terrible that not even something as powerful as a whole house air purification plan would be able to save it. If anything, the terrible air quality would really even break a professional quality whole house media air cleaner. So I will only go out with our buddies if they go to the dance club. Because it is in a different city that does not allow smoking in bars plus clubs. And that I am ok with. As long as the place isn’t filled with horrid air quality.

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